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Career Talk: Help Your Resume Stand Out

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Job-hunters: What’s the latest way to assure your resume stands out in the eyes of hiring managers?

Make sure it doesn’t have any “text bricks.” 

If hiring managers see even ONE text brick on a resume, it means that applicant has “zero chance” of getting hired! 

That’s according to a former recruiter for Google.

RESUME TIP: NO long sentences and paragraphs! 

In fact, text bricks may be an even bigger turn-off for today’s managers than typos! 

 The reason? 

Because in today’s competitive job market, the ability to make your point quickly, and concisely, is a crucial skill. 

So, if you need half a page just to make the point that you’re a hard worker – or team player, for example – that sends the message that you’ll probably be too wordy writing emails and reports, too.

 And today’s bosses just don’t have time for that!

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