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TOTT Exclusive: New Lil' Kim Music Feature + Interview!

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Check out the Queen Bee’s 🐝 new look and sound plus listen to our exclusive interview with her below.

Hip-Hop Memorabilia 

Grammy Award winning rapper, Lil’ Kim released new music today, featuring an up and coming rapper named Tayy Brown.

When Lil' Kim called into, she told us...

"Music Is In My Heart. I will never stop doing music..... even when I get older... I will do [it] in a different way."

"You have to change with the times, I'm a chameleon." 

Lil' Kim also says she would love to introduce new artists,

"I just want to be able to have a platform for them..."

Listen here:

Watch the Tayy Brown featuring Lil’ Kim “Love For Ya” Music Video: 

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  1. She needs to make better music given her experience .. instead she’s using auto tune and singing.. she should go back to the old sound and get a better team