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INVASIVE? Facial Recognition & Finger Print Credit Cards On The Way...

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How would you like to walk into your local store and instead of punching in that (annoying) password just show stand there and show your face or even your FINGER PRINT? Mastercard is making that happen.

Honestly, is the password THAT annoying? 

According to reports, Mastercard claims that using your face instead of your password could help stop identity theft and credit card fraud. 

CNN Money--Users will have to download the MasterCard phone app to use the new feature. A pop-up will give users a choice of using their fingerprint or their face to confirm payment after a purchase. The fingerprint option requires a single touch, while the facial nonrecognition option will require the user to stare at the phone and blink once.
The blinking will prevent thieves from holding up a picture of a victimized user to gain access.
"The new generation, which is into selfies ... I think they'll find it cool. They'll embrace it," 
said Ajay Bhalla, who's in charge of coming up with innovative solutions for MasterCard's security challenges.

Banks are now following Apple's lead. The iPhone's fingerprint scanner started a security revolution in 2013. Apple Pay showed that customers are willing to use biometrics to prove their identity.
You will have to download the Mastercard phone app to use the new feature. 

Back in October of 2014, Mastercard announced their new cards, featuring a finger print sensor on it. They are the world’s first contact-less payment card featuring an integrated fingerprint sensor.

Do you think credit cards are getting invasive?

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