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SLOPPY SECONDS? Khloe Kardashian's Now Dating Amber Rose & Trina's EX Boo... AGAIN. Trina Sounds OFF!

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Seems like there is an extremely small circle of men floating around Khole Kardashian's circuit because she is now allegedly dating another one of Amber Rose and Trina's Ex's.

Khloe, who is still married to former NBA player Lamar Odom, was recently dating rapper French Montana who had previously dated fellow rapper Trina. Some say Khloe starting dating French WHILE with Trina but that is still argued.

Now, Khloe is on to another one of Trina's ex's, James Harden, who just happens to play for the Houston Rockets. Not only did James date Trina, he also dated Khloe's arch nemesis, Amber Rose!

Khloe and James have been spotted and events and intimate dinners around Las Vegas.

Everyone used to be someone else's ex at some point right?

Trina had no chill when she heard the news. She hopped on Twitter as soon as word got out about Khloe and James posting her thoughts...

Sloppy Seconds

No word from Amber. But as we previously reported, Amber has no problem dating someone's ex. 

When she started dating her ex husband Wiz Khalifa, Amber and his ex, Reality Star Natalie Nunn, had some words for each other on Twitter but Amber had her own theory at that time. 

Every1 is some1's Sloppy seconds if ur not a virgin & every woman is beautiful in their own way so stop being evil & compliment each other. 

I wonder if she still feels the same? 

What do you think about dating the same guys as your friends or enemies?

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