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Want A Better Relationship with Your Partner? Then Do This...

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What Do Woman In Happiest Relationships Have In Common?

They get to bed at the exact same time as their partners. University of Pittsburgh finds that when couples go to bed at the same time, down to the minute, they feel more in tune with each other. 

Wall Street Journal- 
Many studies have found married people generally have healthier sleep than single people, with fewer problems like insomnia. Experts think couples tend to have more stable sleep-wake routines and help co-regulate each other. 
But what about couples with out-of-sync sleep schedules? Researchers found spouses who go to bed at different times report significantly less relationship satisfaction than those on the same schedule. 
They have more conflict, spend less time in shared activities and serious conversation, and have sex less frequently than couples with similar sleeping schedules.
So get to pillow talking with your partner. Catch up on some great convo before you hit that pillow at night and enjoy a happier relationship!

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