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BREAKING: Meet Bruce Jenner As Caitlyn!! (Pics and Video)

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UPDATE: After revealing herself, Caitlyn Jenner broke Twitter's follower record, gaining 1 Million followers in 4 hours.

Way to take the spotlight from Kim, Bruce.

Just hours after Kim Kardashian announced she was pregnantOlympic gold medal-winning athlete and Reality star Bruce Jenner can now be called Caitlyn.... ironically, spelled with a C not a K as the rest of the Kardashian clan. 

If you've been living under a rock somewhere, Jenner has been making a full transition to become a female and now we finally get to met "her."

Caitlyn even took to her new twitter page to make the announcement. 


Sources closely associated with Caitlyn tell TMZ, she gave a lot of thought to her first public image. She felt if she posed in something modest, like a dress, people would not be satisfied and the mystery would prevent her from leading any kind of a normal life.  
We're told Caitlyn chose an extremely sexy, revealing outfit because now that the public's curiosity is satisfied, it will not be a shock when she goes out in normal streetwear. 
And our sources say Caitlyn plans to publicly circulate now that her true self is revealed. She was hiding for a long time until this moment, but now the decks are cleared.

Check out the video below of Caitlyn Jenner's shoot with Vanity Fair. 

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