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Parents: Argumentive Toddlers May Actually Lead To Success

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Here's some good news about kids bad behavior. 

Next time your toddler tries to lie and outsmart you, think about this...

Dr. Kang Lee who is the Director Child Study at Toronto University says toddlers who occasionally lie may end up in Harvard. Child psychologists say lying is a complex task that requires linear thinking and and active imagination, therefore attempting to lie at a young age is a great predictor of future intelligence.

Another bad kid behavior that has benefits is bad talk. According to a study at the Journey of Child Development, bad talk gives children critical thinking skills and teaches them how to negotiate what they want. Voicing their opinions at home allows kids to test drive their independence in a safe environment but don't let it go too far!

Will YOU be letting your child lie and argue with you more now that you've heard this?

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