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Jesus Hold The Wheel! Woman Are Actually Doing This For Younger Looking Skin...

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Woman are known to do some crazy stuff to gain or keep their beauty... but shaving their face??? 

Yes, if you haven't heard yet woman are now shaving their faces for younger looking skin. Face scraping for woman allow a new layer of skin to be exposed by using a special dermaplaning razor. 

Although, this is a "new" trend, dermaplaning has been around for decades. It has been said that Marylyn Monroe, Liz Taylor and even Chelopatra have face shaved. Dermaplaning is basically using a straight edge-like razor to mechanically — not chemically — exfoliate skin. 
It removes deep layers of dead skin cells thoroughly (rather than moving them around on your face as you exfoliate, which can happen with scrubs); it's a fine exfoliation rather than gritty. 
"It also makes your skin smoother, allows any products you apply after to penetrate deeper, and promotes cellular turnover, which is one of the reasons men always look five or so years younger than their age, since they're constantly exfoliating through shaving and encouraging new cells to the surface of your skin," Neal Schultz, M.D., a cosmetic dermatologist in NYC, adds. 

We're sure the idea of a woman shaving sounds ridiculous and if you're a female you're thinking... "isn't my hair going to grow back thicker and darker?" but Dr. Schultz says no...
"That myth exists because people mistake the wispy feeling of their unshaven facial hair with the slightly blunt feeling they experience as their hair starts to grow back in as 'thicker,' and the new, not-yet-sun-bleached hair as 'darker,'"  
"So it's more about what you're feeling and seeing versus what is actually going on."

Dr. Schultz recommends wetting your entire face first to soften the hairs, and then applying a cream or gel shaving cream all over your face to keep your skin from getting irritated. 

So, ladies, are you ready to shave your face yet?  

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