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Janey Rice First FULL Interviews Detailing Ray Rice Beating! (VIDEOS)

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Janay Rice said that her now-husband Ray Rice, who was recently reinstated back into the NFL, had never hit her before the assault in the elevator that pushed them into the forefront of a discussion about domestic violence and the NFL.

“Ray knows me. And there’s no way,” she told NBC’s Matt Lauer in an interview that aired on the TODAY Show Monday morning when asked if he had ever been violent toward her before. “He knows what he would have to deal with, you know, if this was something. You know, I’m not going to sit there in silence and let something happen to me — and God forbid, in front of my child, just like, let it happen? There’s no way.”

Watch her interview below:

Watch Ray Rice knock out Janey in the horrific raw video footage below:

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