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Four NFL Teams Already Looking To Sign Newly Reinstated Ray Rice! (DETAILS)

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Ray Rice’s second chance could come quickly.

After horrific footage was released of Rice knocking out his now-wife, Janey in an elevator... he has been reinstated back into the NFL. Just two days later the former Ravens running back has sparked interest in at least four teams, according to ESPN sources.

On Friday a neutral arbitrator overturned commissioner Roger Goodell’s suspension, and the question soon became whether a team would take a chance on the former star, who comes with a great deal of PR-unfriendly baggage.

At least four teams have expressed interest in recently reinstated running back Ray Rice, but the Indianapolis Colt and New Orleans Saints say they are not the ones who are interested! So who are the teams??

So far, ESPN says their sources declined to identify the teams that have been checking into Rice. 

ESPN says it still will be difficult for Rice to find work this season. He turns 28 in January, is coming off a down season and hasn't played football since training camp. But Rice signing this season is not out of the question, either, if the right team should emerge.

Multiple NFL executives have said the profile of a team willing to sign Rice would be one that is a contender with injuries in its backfield and a strong-minded head coach.

Rice is said to have stayed in great shape, and believes he could provide help to any team that signs him immediately. But Rice also is not locked into playing this year, as much as he'd like to, per sources.

One AFC running backs coach called Rice a "good player" but acknowledged there would be obstacles with how fast he could pick up a team's offense.
As for how Rice might fit back into a locker room?

"I don't know on that one," the coach told ESPN. "It's a different thing. It was so violent, such a volatile conversation earlier, I don't know what guys in the locker room would think about this. I really don't. We don't interact with them like that. I'm not in those conversations with them about how they feel about issues like that. I don't know, I'd be speaking out of turn probably on that one."

Rice is determined to sign with the right team in the right situation or he's prepared to wait to see what additional opportunities present themselves this offseason.

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