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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Rapper Busta Rhymes Takes HARD Bloody Fall Off Stage!! His Response...

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Rapper Busta Rhymes joined the likes of Beyonce, Pregnant Mariah CareyChris Brown and many others who have taken hard falls on and off of the stage! 

He got a bit too turnt up during a set featuring new rapper Genasis, performing his song "Coco."

Watch Busta bust his head off the stage below:


After the incident went viral, Busta responded on Twitter:

"I salute all calls from family and friends [making] sure I'm good," 

he tweeted. 

"Just for the record I'm super good! When you love what you do and you're passionate about winning, you go hard! We done fell off stages and broke limbs while performing and kept going!!! We stay on level 10! We just took one step too far off the stage and that was it! Sh** happens but I love it cause we live it!"

He then retweeted a joke from fellow Hip-Hop legend, Jermaine Dupri, calling him a dungeon dragon.

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