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Police Move In Overnight To Forcefully Evict The #OccupyLA Movement (LIVE STREAM)

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100's of officers, out numbering protestors, raided the Occupy LA movement. And we're bringing it to you live....

In a sneak attack overnight, with enormous force, about 1,200 police officers moved in on the "Occupy LA" crowd in front of City Hall, forcing them to move!

Protestors have been given a 10 minute warning to leave the area, some are moving slowly but some will not move...facing police officers face to face.

Where citizens once fought for their rights to occupy City is occupied by hundreds of police in riot gear. We are also hearing only a few media outlets are allowed to cover the story.

If a protest is peaceful, do you think it's fair to make everyone leave?

UPDATE: Reporters are now being forced to move further and further away from the area. Protestors believe police are asking media to leave to hide what's really going on down there.

Protestors are getting arrested by police officers wearing all white hazmat outfits...

UPDATE: After many protestors left the premises...police isolated numerous protestors in one area to arrest. Then all of the sudden, the only reporters allowed to document the raid were forced to shut their cameras down...

The Occupy La movement tweeted,

OccupyLA #OccupyLA
2.18am We are being chased block by block by cops, about a hundred of us. ~ts
3:00am: protesters meet at local church because people just walking on streets are being the church said they could go there for safety.


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