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UPDATED! Vybz Kartel Escapes From Prison -- 1 Guard Dead, 12 Injured??!

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Vybz Kartel just may have just made the biggest prison escape in Jamaica history!

Whoa...Reports are saying, Reggae artist Vybez Cartel allegedly escaped from prison with seven other prisoners on November 30, 2011 in Jamaica, at Horizon Adult Remand Centre.

One prison officer died of a heart attack as a result of the escape and twelve others were injured, including two who were shot with guns that had been smuggled into the prison.

Shortly after 1:00 am, Vybz Kartel, whose given name is Adidja Palmer, took control of the jail holding the prison guards hostage at gunpoint.

We're hearing it was straight out of a movie....some of the prisoners took the guards clothing and car keys in order to help with their escape. The group of prisoners also impersonated prison officers on the phone and created false stories to ward off suspicion from authorities.

The Police gave chase resulting in the capture of one of the prisoners.

At about 1:45 am, they eventually made their way to the prison maintenance pickup-truck which they used to escape from the prison ground.

The escape occurred during the slowest period of the night when there would be less surveillance of certain locations like the maintenance area.

Reports still say Vybez and the other escapees are now on the run and are listed as “Jamaica’s most wanted criminals.”

So true or so false?????


Vybz had the town talking early this morning with his alleged escape....straight out of an episode of "Prison Break." But word has it, Vybz is still in custody..and never left!

Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Green told the Jamaica Observer that the stories are absolutely false.
"I know nothing about that....If that had taken place I would certainly have known."
Although it's still unclear how the stories began, one officer suggests that it might just be the result of a publicity stunt.
"It may be an attempt by his cronies to keep him in the news but they don't need to spread rumors to do that because he will be in the news for quite some time."
.....and what a publicity stunt it was!


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  1. I think you all are just hating on Vybz Kartel,i dont care if he is in prison or already escaped,i still luuuuuuuv him! ;-)