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Jay-Z "Secret Millionaires Club" Cartoon Series w/ Warren Buffet (VIDEO)

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Secret Millionaires Club goes cartoon with Jay-Z and Warren Buffet...

Daddy-to-be Jay-Z is the first to guest star in the one of four new animated specials called Secret Millionaires Club, which premieres this Sunday on Hub TV.

Jay acts as a business professional and mogul in the cartoon... promoting financial literacy for kids.

The new series will feature famous investor Warren Buffet and spread the important message that it's never too soon to learn the importance of "investing in yourself."

Buffet acts as an adviser to a group of entrepreneurial kids who learn through a series of adventures the basic principles about business.

In the premiere, "Be Cool to Your School," Buffett gives financial advice to a group of teens attempting to raise money for their school and a trip to New York City.

Maybe that's why we seen Jay-Z having lunch with Mr. Buffet and the rest of the richest men in world last year....

Jay-Z Has Dinner With Warren Buffet & The Richest Men In The World.

Check out a sneak peek of "Secret Millionaires Club" below:

Secret Millionaires digging it?

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