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T.I. Not Going To Jail? Huh...What Happened to 11 Months?

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UPDATE: T.I. will be serving his 11 month sentence - click here for those details.

T.I. has something to celebrate for and we hope he doesn't chose drugs to do so! He's not going back to jail. Since his one year prison bid, T.I. has been pretty busy....busy keeping up with his new charges!

He got caught up again....
Sep 03, 2010
Sep 17, 2010

Then tried to save the day right before his sentencing...
Oct 19, 2010

Got 11 months in prison....
Oct 15, 2010

He begged for no jail time...
Oct 18, 2010

Some "mysterious" group begged for no jail time...

T.I. Has Mysterious Group Beg Judge To Not Jail Him! It's getting weird
October 23, 2010

Anddddd it WORKED! ....Huh? We thought he was already sentenced to some sort of time in jail?

Well, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office has declined to file charges against T.I. following his arrest September 1 on alleged drug possession.

According to DA office spokeswoman Jane Robinson, her office rejected the filing of misdemeanor charges in part because the rapper (born Clifford Harris) has already been sentenced to serve prison time for a probation violation in connection with the arrest.

Really? why did they sentence him to 11 months? Hmmmm

Do you think T.I. is being treated differently because of his celebrity or does this serve him right?

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