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Forget Responding To Those Rape Allegations, Marques Houston & Chris Stokes Are Ready For "The Return of Immature"??! Are you serious?

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Instead of speaking on the recent allegations of sodomy and rape of a minor made by Raz-B,

Raz-B and R&B Singer Quindon Tarver Claim Marques Houston Sodomized Them!! WOW Details & Video inside
October 22, 2010

Marques Houston and manager, Chris Stokes are getting ready for the "Return of Immature"??? WTH...seriously though?

These are some of the strongest allegations I have heard and some nasty behind the scenes stuff is going on and Marques and Chris are tweeting away from their twitter pages ( @chrisstokes1969 and @MarquesHouston) as if nothing is going on. Why not address the allegations and explain to their fans?

Instead, we get this....

The Return of Immature? Lol.

And to top it off Marques Houston was on 106 and Park on B.E.T and they did not ask him anything about these allegations. Seriously though? B.E.T, you're going to support this and ignore it? Oh let's not forgot Immature used to be on B.E.T like everyday when they were the inside friendships are still there. Is this what our world has come to?

Some of y'all thought this was just as crazy as we did.....

Check out some of your tweets on this subject:

RT @DJLADYT: Lol, "The return of Immature"? I mean, I was a huge fan but...timing is a lil off don't cha think?

@darksknprecious: @DJLADYT I agree ,timing is totally off. Like some heavy sh%t is not brewing. Ignorin major allegations #whodoesthat

@LynMarie_NME: @DJLADYT I thought u were kidding

@FTDh0ss: @DJLADYT: U kiddin rytE

@goodoljay: @TALKOFTHETOWNN the return of Immature!? whats next a reality show

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