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T.I. Has Mysterious Group Beg Judge To Not Jail Him! It's getting weird

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As if T.I. going BACK to jail wasn't bad enough, and let's not forget the "suicide jumper" that T.I. saved just a day before sentencing. Now even more mysterious things are happening!

New court documents have just been filed in an attempt to keep T.I. out of the slammer -- and instead move him into a rehab program ... problem is, T.I. has absolutely no idea who made the request. "has absolutely no idea who made the request" -__-

A ticked off citizen filed documents in federal court in Atlanta, arguing that the courts are pissing away tax dollars by jailing T.I. for a recent drug possession arrest ... so the person filed a motion to toss out the jail sentence.

The mystery person identifies him or herself as "Citizens of the State of Atlanta Georgia" -- they even provided a signature.

Neither T.I.'s people nor the prosecution have any idea what the group is.

T.I.'s lawyer, Steve Sadow, says that despite the well-intentioned gesture -- he has no plans to appeal the judge's sentence.

PS -- The guy T.I. "talked off the ledge the other day" ... swears this isn't his doing. T.I. sat reunited with him at the same radio station the "event" took place.

To listen to the interview - click the pic below.

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