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Raz-B and R&B Singer Quindon Tarver Claim Marques Houston Sodomized Them!! WOW Details & Video inside (UPDATE: RAZ -B "I WAS NOT RAPED"

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Chris Brown and Raz-B got into it today. It all started when Raz-B sent out this tweet:

Im just sittin here Thinking how can niggas like @ & @ disrespect women as Intelligent as @ @
You can click on all the snap shots below for the drama. But at the end of the day Raz ended up saying he "didn't get raped!"

Wouldn't that be considered a case closed??? If you check out the info in the original post below, you can watch for yourself on video, Raz claiming he got raped (sodomized) by Marques Houston. Getting back to today's argument, let's not forget the fact that Raz-B was stalking Rihanna all day on Twitter:

Those are just some on them. Seems as if Raz was sorta plotting something, right? And he has been promoting and talking crazy ever since he "confessed" the rape. Not to judge, but it just kind of sounds way too familiar ...Tila Tequila *cough*

But TMZ decided to put a different spin on the story, claiming that Chris Brown has anger management issues. If you come to this blog a lot, you know that we stand by victims constantly, but we are on Chris' side this time. But we did try and warn him:

It's so sad when "celebs" use us to get on their side with these serious allegations. See Tila Tequila, Raz-B's "protege." All I can say here is God only knows.

Chris did bodyyyyy him though:

Then Rihanna pops up (2 days since her last tweet, while on vacation in Barbados) and says:

SO....guess who has a #1 album in Canada this week???? Thank you all my Canadian Massive!!!



Posted October, 10, 2010

Former B2K member, Raz-B, has put out quit a few videos lately that we have been showing to you but if this last one doesn't touch your heart I don't know what will. Though, these are by far NOT the first allegations made, Raz-B and fellow R&B singer Quindon Tarver are claiming both Chris Stokes and other R&B singer Marques Houston forced sex upon them.

Yes, these are allegations here but as I report this, I can't help but to be so extremely sad for these boys who went through this. I cried just a few minutes into these last videos, it's just way too much. To give you some background on myself, saying that I loved the group Immature would be an understatement; I was borderline obsessed... I would laugh at that but this story just disgusts me especially as a true fan who followed their work, and just to think back, like wow. I know for a fact Quindon Tarver was with MH a lot because I seen them at numerous shows together as kids. I really hope justice will be served for Raz and any of those boys that went through this. Raz mentions offers on the table from Oprah and Tyler Perry to speak to them and I think he should let his voice be heard to the world. Hopefully someone out there can really help these boys.

If these allegations are indeed true, BOTH Chris Stokes and
Marques Houston should go to jail for a long time.

Below is Raz-B on the phone with Quindon Tarver speaking about
being sodomized by Chris Stokes and Marques Houston and more:

This next video actually gives the graphic details of the sexual acts forced upon them. Quindon and Raz find out that they had similar encounters. "The first time Marques ever put is D*** in my **** was in that room too."

They go on to describe specific features on Marques' and Chris' genitals. "Marques Houston is not circumsized. He asked me to suck his d***, I told him no."


Here is another video of Raz-B before these came out explaining more:


Raz also refers to Omarian's face in his response video in one of the videos as looking like Chris Stokes. We reported the other day that Omarian had a "look of death on his face", and that face looks like he is scared information might come out, on HIM. Take a look at that video below:


Like I said this is not the first time these allegations have been brought up. Check out MTV's report from 2007, when Chris Stokes responded to Raz-B.

Also check out Raz-B's other recent videos about this subject:

Raz-B from B2K Goes Off On Omarion & Marques Houston - Calls MH a Pedophile! Omarion Responds (Video)

How are you guys feeling about all this? I know we have heard tons of publicity stunts but guys this one just sounds too real. Why would someone say this stuff?

- Lady T

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