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Chris Brown Has A New Model Girlfriend Who Looks Just Like Rihanna! Who's Hotter?!? [PIC & POLL]

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Supposedly this is Chris Brown's new girlfriend and model, Jasmine Sanders, who coincidentally looks extremely similar to his ex, Rihanna.


Chris posted these 2 photos below on his Twitter account and deleted them right away....that's SO Chris lol. But luckily we have em!

She's gorgeous right! Now check her out with her supposed "ex" man below...

Check him out with his V05 Shampoo lol.....I just HAD to post it lol.

Wow, I know.

Chris Brown was recently denied entry to the United Kingdom. The incident caused him to "delay" his UK tour. He said that he was refused permission the grounds because he was found guilty of a number of criminal offenses last year. And we all know what "those" offenses are...

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