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Justin Bieber Dead?!

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Foxnews reported that Justin Bieber , was found passed out on the couch in his home in Ontario.

According to police reports, there was an indication that the Biebs uses illegal drugs, namely cocaine.

Doctors at Toronto East General Hospital confirmed the star dead minutes after his arrival at the hospital. Police said Bieber may have been unconscious for hours before he was discovered by his mother, Pattie Mallette.

According to police, Mallette immediately called Canadian 911 services.

This is so sad when people make up these lies!!! Yes this is totally NOT TRUE! lol It's actually not even funny because we should never put energy out there that a person is dead when they are alive. But anyhow...that "Fox" website was totally bogus so Biebettes and Bieb-dudes you can relax, JB is alive! =D

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