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Gary Coleman Death Bed Photo Released! Is This Wrong? Is His Ex Wife Lying?? Answer The Poll

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A shocking deathbed photo of late former child star Gary Coleman taken just hours before his death was released Wednesday on the cover of Globe Magazine, with the actor's ex-wife, Shannon Price, posing by his side.

Dion Mial, the executor of Coleman's will, accused Price, 24, of selling the morbid image to Globe, who put it on their cover with the headline: "IT WAS MURDER."

Globe's parent company American Media confirmed it purchased the picture, however, spokesperson Samantha Trenk would not disclose the price paid or who sold the photo.

Meanwhile have you seen Gary Coleman's ex wife shopping her interviews around? In case you missed it, below she talks about her pulling the plug on him, and that he would "basically be like Muhammad Ali.

Ummmm....Muhammad Ali is alive and functioning! Yes, he has some issues but not enough to kill him...I don't know, I'm confused here...she seems way to relaxed. Word is, she is taking $50,000 for more interviews.

Dion Mial, Coleman's former manager believes foul play was a factor in his death.

Mial said:

"I wholeheartedly believe there was foul play here."

Mial went on to say of the reports that Coleman's ex-wife, Shannon Price sold pictures of the star after he had died:

"The picture that Shannon took in the hospital is much worse than people can see.

And also have you heard this 911 call????

Shannon Price resisted helping the actor after he fell, citing that she did not want to be “traumatized”. The operator asks her to tell him to put pressure to his head and Shannon responds with "No." WOW.

Let's take a poll!!

1st of all, do you think the photo of Gary Coleman on his death bed is ethically wrong to release?

Also, do you think Gary Coleman's ex wife had something to do with his death?

Gary Coleman's ex-wife plans to scatter the tragic star's ashes on "some train tracks" to mark the actor's passion for railways.

Shannon Price says she is determined to follow through with her former husband's last wishes and cremate him.

She tells "Entertainment Tonight,"
"I plan to spread some of them (ashes) around some train tracks because trains were his hobby and he loved that very much. ... I think that he would really appreciate that I did that for him."

Coleman died on May 28 after suffering a brain hemorrhage. Price gave doctors permission to turn off his life support system after he fell into a coma at a Utah hospital.

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