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Nicki Minaj Answers Butt Pad/ Implant Rumors!

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When asked if the rumors about "butt pads" or "but implants" are getting on her nerves, she said:

"Absolutely not! People will pick anything to talk about, and that happens to be the thing at the moment. I love being a conversation piece." it me or did she not answer the rumor! lolll....but that's how to keep everyone in suspense right? ... Anyhow Nicki says that she wants to record new material already because her debut album doesn't reflect who she is anymore.

"It's a certain kind of swag that's changed in me. I want to be more aggressive."

Earlier this month, Minaj talked about why female critics target her.

"There are some that say something positive," Nicki said in an interview. "You should be happy I'm here even though I'm showing you b*tches how to do it. But umm, I get more love than hate. So you know, it's expected when people see there's one person getting shine, it makes them feel unhappy with themselves. The small minded people feel unhappy with themselves. The intelligent girls take the things that they like from me and my journey and apply it to their journey. If I had it my way, that's what they'd all do. Everyone is not going to like Nicki Minaj. Everyone's not going to like the way I look or what I do but I think if you're smart you'd take from me and figure out why everyone is talking about me. That'd be the 'smart' thing to do. I don't think they know how to express that so they express it with anger, jealousy and hatred and that consumes them and I'm still here."

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