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Celebrity Cheaters Coming To Your T.V.?!

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I knew this was coming! After the Tiger Woods' fiasco now cheating has become a trend in the media smh.

Oh wow loll....Ok so you know that show Cheaters right? The one where the crazy guy amps you up to beat the sh*t out of the person who cheated on you, all while catching them in the act... lol that guy is such an instigator. But some people deserve it right? Anyhow the man behind the show Bobby Goldstein, has announced that he will now be doing a ...are you ready? a "Celebrity Cheaters"!! And it's hosted by none other than the some of the most popular mistresses around! Michelle "Bombshell" McGee from the Sandra Bullock/ Jessie James sex scandal...

and of course one of Tiger's girls, Jamie Jungers. They have both agreed to take part in the new television program.

The TV series aims to catch celebrities involved in extramarital affairs. In fact, spouses can ask the show spy on their partners to uncover proof of infidelity.
Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, Tattoo Model

McGee, 24, will talk about her affair with Sandra Bullock's husband. The tattooed model and stripper went public recently about her extramarital affair with mechanic Jesse James. Bullock is still in hiding and plans to file for divorce.

Jamie Jungers, Las Vegas Hostess

Jungers, 27, is a Las Vegas nightclub hostess. She is one of a string of women implicated in the Tiger Woods scandal. She claims that she slept with the professional golfer on several occasions.

Goldstein said the show had yet to be signed to a channel. Sources familiar with the new series say that it could be on Spike TV or G4TV.

Will YOU be watching?! I bet you will lol...

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