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Lady Gaga Stops Eating Adult Food?!!! WTH?

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So you may have been noticing one of your favs, Lady Gaga has been looking skinnier lately and it may just be a part of her new baby gaga diet! Lady Gaga has chose to change her eating habits to stay skinny and she's taking this to a whole other level! loll

Those closest to Lady GaGa are saying that she will not eat regular food any longer. Lady GaGa has been replacing her daily meals with a jar of baby food! I have heard of this before, because I myself have tried all sorts of diets but I never tried this one!

But seriously, This new baby food diet is extremely dangerous to Lady GaGa's health because there is no way a few jars of baby food with provide her with the energy or nutritional value that is required by a grown woman her age with her type of vigorous schedule.

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