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Lady Gaga Lashes Out At Photographer! Is She Almost At Her Breakdown?!

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Superstar Lady Gaga is beginning to crack under the pressure of fame, according to some pretty good sources.

During a recent Q Magazine photo shoot at London's Mayfair Hotel, Gaga suddenly turned on the photographer, saying that she hated the pictures - in which she posed topless in a pair of spiked trousers - before bursting into tears and threatening to quit unless her boyfriend was allowed to take the shots.

Later she apologized tearfully later, saying: "I'm just not in a good place right now."

Gaga is currently in Britain with her highly successful Monster Ball Tour. The show has suffered a number of setbacks, including missing costumes and technical foul-ups when it opened last Thursday, reports said.

Last month, Gaga canceled an Indiana show in the United States shortly before she was to go onstage, having passed out.

"Paramedics came to take care of me, and told me my heart rate was irregular - a result of exhaustion and dehydration," she tweeted later.

She was said to be crying for hours after the cancellation.

I think maybe she needs a little break. In life you really need to take breaks, even it's just for a few. I'm not talking about months, I'm taking about at least a day of relief! With all the shows and extra things Gaga is doing taking a break is necessary. I'm sure she will be OK let's just hope she is!

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