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Kardashian's To The Big Screen?! Penelope Cruz Or J-Lo To Play Kim????

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Having already conquered television, the Kardashians have revealed who they would want to play them in a big-screen version of their life and Kim is not settling for any less than an Oscar winner.

In a recent interview, the girls were asked about possibly taking the Kardashians to the big-screen and took to their blog with ideas. Kim revealed that she'd want Penelope Cruz to play the reality star.

"It was really difficult to think of people who had both the looks and personality to pull us off, but I think I chose well," Kim wrote on her blog. "As myself I would cast Penelope Cruz. Come on... it's my dream cast and she's gorgeous! Plus, I'd have that really sexy accent!"

Sister Kourtney disagreed, saying Cruz should play her and that Kim would be better suited to be played by none other than Jennifer Lopez. "Kim would obviously have to be played by Jennifer Lopez," Kourtney wrote. "She's an amazing actress and who could be more perfect to play Kim."

The sisters also cast Liv Tyler as sister Khloe, Christian Bale as Kourtney's boyfriend Scott Disick, and want Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas to play mom Kris and Bruce Jenner.

No word of a movie for them! Just jokes! ..thank goodness because I don't know if we are "ready" for a Kardashian movie lol

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