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Chris Brown Comments On Tiger Woods Scandel.

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First reports of Tiger Woods' mysterious single car crash created a media frenzy last week, then infidelity claims involving Tiger with not one but three women shocked the world --all of which overshadowed Woods' wife Elin Nordegren's possible domestic violence charges being overlooked. Now, singer Chris Brown is not happy??

If your asking why Chris Brown has involved himself in this mess, I am too. Let me explain why he decided to comment...

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the investigation of possible domestic violence charges in the Woods' case was closed due to lack of evidence.

In a press conference on December 1, a Florida Highway Patrol spokesperson said:

"The Florida Highway Patrol is not pursuing criminal charges. Despite the celebrity status of Mr. Woods, the highway patrol has completed its investigation in the same professional manner as any traffic violation investigation."

Instead Woods received a $164 citation for careless driving.

So Chris Brown, who is on probation for attacking ex-girlfriend Rihanna in February (09), replied to the Highway Patrol's findings on his Twitter account:

"Wow.. The world is so closed? Just like that?"

Yes Chris, just like that lol.

Initially, the Florida Highway Patrol said while alcohol did not play a part in the accident, the collision was under investigation. However, less than a week later the case is closed.

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