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D-Block says: NO BEEF with Jay-Z or 50 Cent..wants to go on G-unit and Cam'ron TOUR!

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D-Block recently spoke on moving past prior rap beefs with 50 Cent and Jay-Z plus sparked early talks of a possible G-Unit tour collaboration. While a tour has yet to be announced or confirmed, Sheek Louch spoke on his camp's resistance to engage in rap beefs today."I would love to do a tour with the whole G-Unit," Sheek said in an interview. "I was at Shady Records the other day and we were saying, it's all good everybody's cool now. I ain't got no problems with nobody in 50's camp, not one artist over there. None of Dipset, none of Jay-Z's people, none of Terror Squad. Real talk, right now we chillin'. Trying to get this bread, lovin' all the new artists that's coming out for the most part and we good. I would love to do a big tour."

Jadakiss said of 50 in a March 2005 interview. "He makes good songs but he's not a better lyricist than me. Put all the money, the units, put everything behind us, plus the good old-fashioned lyrics and an instrumental, and I'll wear him out. You know that. The whole world knows that. I know and I'm humble." (MTV News)Sheek also spoke on why he no longer has beef with former D-Block member J-Hood."Last time somebody had called me, he got knocked out on stage in Connecticut," Sheek explained in an interview earlier this year. "I done got e-mails saying let's piece this sh*t up, let's do this and that, fam, we not thinkin' about you...We heard your diss records, we heard you for months and years straight about it, we really don't care about your diss records...I guarantee the people in his camp are saying, 'D*mn, we dissed him, now what do we do?' Where's these records? You gotta come now. Even the 50 Cent sh*t, when we was going at 50, it's over...I loved him as a brother but it's over. He crossed that line and now I don't care about him. I will never work with him."

Check out D-Block's interview below: other D-Block news, Jadakiss maps out his next album and reveals in a recent interview with MTV News the producers and collaborators with whom he wants to work.

He says, “I’m definitely going back in,” the Yonkers native said. “The D-Block album is wrapped up. I’mma make sure we finish this LOX album, and I’m coming right back at the end of the year. I think I’m gonna call it Top Five, Dead or Alive. I’m only gonna work with Primo [DJ Premier], Alchemist, Swizz Beatz, Dame Grease, sh– like that. Have a couple of South [producers], and that’s it. Wham!”

The Jadakiss and Cam’ron Big Bosses Tour is supposed to kick off this summer.

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