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Rihanna has a SEX TAPE too? MORE DRAMA-and she's getting sued??

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Rihanna has been rocked by claims that there is a 13 second excerpt from a sex tape in which she is allegedly involved that is circulating the internet. The 'Umbrella' singer, whose on/off boyfriend Chris Brown is set to be appear in court after allegedly assaulting her, supposedly features in the video which is shot entirely in night vision, much like the infamous 'One Night in Paris' video with Paris Hilton. Supposedly, the film was shot a few years ago, and it is not known if Chris Brown was involved. The person responsible for posting the video says more will be released on June 22. The singer's agent has not responded to the claims.

Here is the "alledged" sex tape....hmmm think it's her?

Twitter alert:: RT @VicGatsby @DJLADYT word is the vid is really porn star Lavish Styles who has a strking resemb to her 4head cntrpart

hmmm...sounds and looks about right!

In other RiRi if all this drama was not enough....

Rihanna's legal drama continued this week, when one of her Los Angeles neighbors filed a lawsuit alleging that cars used by the pop singer are regularly parked or standing on the plaintiff's lawn.

According to the suit filed on Tuesday in California Superior Court, Christian Moeller is seeking unspecified damages — for trespassing, invasion of privacy and other claims — from Rihanna and the owner of the Hollywood Hills home she rents. The 21-year-old singer is already expected to testify on Monday in Chris Brown's preliminay hearing (that he is trying to push back!) for allegedly assaulting her in February.

Moeller's complaint makes allegations about "chauffeured vehicles that park or idle on Plaintiff's property for hours at a time" and utilize his driveway to turn around or drive through his yard to Rihanna's parking lot. The suit also contends that security cameras installed at Rihanna's home, which is owned by Stephen Yacobian, actually point onto his property, and that a newly built privacy wall and tall bamboo plants obstruct his view.

Yacobian says that the lawsuit is "without merit" but declined to comment further until he consulted with his attorney.

Moeller is also seeking to revoke an earlier agreement he made with Yacobian to allow cars to pass through his yard.

RiRi this is not your year! ............or maybe it is? Any publicity if good huh?

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