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Kelis wants $80,000 a month from NAS!

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Kelis says she has $80,000 in monthly expenses . . . which she can't afford without Nas.

Now that KELIS is suing NAS for spousal and child support, she had to submit her financial documents to the court. And they're pretty ridiculous. According to the documents, her average monthly income from November though March was $21,616 . . . not nearly enough to20cover her monthly expenses of $80,831.

Those expenses include $14,861 a month on her mortgage . . . $3,500 a month for her nanny . . . $15,000 a month on entertainment, gifts, and vacations . . . and $175 a month to have the baby rug dry-cleaned. (???) Oh, and there's also the matter of buying, quote, "storage to bank the baby's blood when he is born. The banking is the collection and storage of the stem cells found in the baby's umbilical cord." (Stem cells are already being used to help treat leukemia and researchers think stem cells may change how we treat many other human diseases in the future.) And Kelis ALREADY asked the judge in her legal filing to order Nas to help with $20,000 in strollers, cribs, and baby supplies . . . and for half of all medical expenses after the baby is born.

In her defense, Kelis makes most of her money from concerts . . . and she hasn't toured in a year. And as long as she's about to give birth and raise a baby . . . she won't be touring in the near future either. (Nas and Kelis were married for six years and are having their first child next month. They filed for divorce on April 30th supposedly over a sex tape Kelis had with a member of the Ruff Ryders crew. Nas sued to keep from having to pay support, and Kelis recently sued him back.)

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