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YIKES!! MUST SEE: Rapper Hopsin Goes OFF At His Former CEO In His New Music Video 'Ill Mind'

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Hopsin, a popular rapper amongst the underground scene, has started some controversy by bringing us into his dirty laundry with his record label. 

Hopsin threatened to leave his record label, Funk Volume, that he co-founded with his business partner/ CEO, Damien Ritter, after he cited some "issues" with his partner. 

He then decided to put it all out on front street for us all to hear!

Taking to Twitter, back in January, California rapper wrote: 
“Fuck Damien Ritter. This man is the death of funk volume.”
He went on to explain the issues they had...

In the end, Hopsin did decide to depart from the label and do his own thing. He posted on Facebook,

Funk volume is officially dead now thanks to the monster Damien Ritter. There is nobody else to blame at all. I have officially separated myself from everything and I am fully independent now. It's very sad but idiots like dame wanna control too Much and now he end up destroying a great fuckin team. Having a crew like FV has been my vision since I was 14 years old and this man just destroyed it. Jarren, Dizzy, Swizzz, Dj Hoppa and I are all still on good terms. They will forever be my brothers and I support them in whatever they do. I will let u guys know the full story soon. You know ama keep it RAW for real. Ain't no holdin back. Im so sorry to all the FV fans. There's a brighter future though.

Now he has taken it a step further by creating an emotionally charged (and detailed) diss song and music video against his former CEO... and it is quite entertaining.

Hopsin says, 

"It feels great, great feeling (to be off his label) ...Been waiting to get it off my chest for two months now."

Watch Hopsin "Ill Mind" (CEO Diss) below:

Hopsin BODIED this new "Ill Mind" going at his former CEO.... YIKES!!

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