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VIDEO: Kat Williams Gets Jumped On Stage By Philly Goons!!

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Comedian Kat Williams has had his fair share of trouble the last few weeks and it has finally all came crashing down on him. 

Kat recently got arrested for allegedly punching a store clerk. Before the police arrived, he laid face-down with his hands behind his back for several minutes. He caused a scene outside an Atlanta store, where he allegedly held five women at gunpoint and stole their cell phones. Damnnnn Kat! But in his defense, Kat claims his punch to the clerk all stemmed from him calling Kat the "n" word.

Well, last night Kat may have met his match. According to sources, Kat was dancing and hosting a party in Philly, for what seemed like hours, at a venue where rapper Beanie Sigel was set to perform. For some reason, Kat just charged at a man and punched him in the face. That led to Kat getting jumped, stomped out and even kicked in the head while on the floor. 

Kat has been calling out fellow comedian Kevin Hart and even suggested Kevin meet him at one of his shows in Philly so they can "duke" it out for 1 million dollars each time. 

Watch this video montage below to find out what the town is talking about...

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