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VIDEO: Aunt Viv Responds To Jada Pinkett! This Is Getting GOOD...

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Will Smith's former co-star Janet Hubert, known best as Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, is airing out him and his wife Jada for asking other actors to boycott the Oscars.

In case you missed it, Jada vented in a personal video vlog about her husband Will not getting nominated for an Oscar and how it is mostly white people winning and being nominated. Jada called for a boycott. She made it known that she and her family will no longer support the award show. 

Aunt Viv must have gotten her feathers ruffled when she heard Jada's video, because Ms. Janet Hubert then decided to bust open her own web cam to counter Jada's opinion, and explains why she and others should not boycott an Award show for the Smith family. 

Ms. Hubert goes on to explain how she once tried to call for raises when they were doing TheThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air show, as all the white shows were doing when their ratings were flying through the roof. She claims Will turned against her and she stood alone, resulting in her leaving the show. After watching Aunt Viv's video, it appears Jada Pinkett Smith made a video asking to do the same exact thing Viv asked her top billing co star to do years ago.

You can watch Aunt Viv's video response to Jada Pinkett below:

Jada's original call for help: 

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