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Who's In The WRONG? Future and T.I. Sound Off About Ciara's New Boo Russell Wilson Being a Father Figure To Future's Son

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After a break-up, with kids involved, some are quick to say "and don't bring that new person around my kids!"... but what if that new person was a great role model and father figure, just being their for the child while the real dad isn't? Is it wrong to give the kid the father he needs?

Without getting too deep in this... Ciara and her new NFL boo, Russell Wilson have been spotted around a lot lately. In particular, there are photos floating around of Ciara's son, lil' Future, hugging all up on Russell during practice. But is it wrong?

Family man, T.I., chimed in with his thoughts anddidn't hold back!

After Ebro from HOT97 posted the photos, asking how everyone felt about the situation, T.I. said he would go "the FUCK OFF." 

Future ended up responding as well..

Is it really wrong to bring another man/ woman around your kids if they are treating them good?

If the dad or mom isn't around does that mean no one else should be?

or is this a manner of public respect? Should Russell hide his love for Ciara's son to make the public happy? 

I think we can all agree that Russell and Future at least need a man to man talk to clear the air.

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