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Meek Mill Disappoints w/ Drake Diss - Drake & The Internet Respond! You Gotta See This LOL...

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The ongoing beef between Meek Mill and Drake might have just came to a halt.

Ever heard that expression, "stop while your ahead"? 

Well, Meek Mill missed his opportunity because now days after he dissed Drake and Drake released not one but TWO diss tracks, Meek finally made his own.... and everyone's talking about it. Just NOT in a good way. 

Listen to Meek Mill "Wanna Know" below:

Uhhh, yea.

So Meek didn't get the reponse he was looking for so he then posted a meme of Drake as Milli Vanilli, who were caught as lip syncers back in the 90's.

But Drake seriously had the last laugh. After he heard Meek's comeback, he posted a pic of himself laughing. 

Drake SLAYED Meek on HIS diss track. Now everyone is having a laugh with this one since Meek is the one who called out DRAKE! 

The internet is now on "make fun of Meek" mode, even some celebrities have been chiming in with there own punch lines. Check out some of the reactions to Meek's diss below:

and the best of them comes from none other than Norm Kelly the Toronto councilman and the burger chain, Whataburger...

Thoughts? lol

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