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VIDEO: Drake, Kanye West & Will Smith Caught Hysterically Laughing.. @ Meek Mill Memes?? You have to see this LOL

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Are they laughing at Meek Mill?


We do know that Kanye and Will have to know about the beef going on between Meek and Drake but still came through to support Drake, and that in itself says a lot.

Rumor has it, they are laughing at Meek Mill memes. You KNOW it's bad when Kanye's laughing at you; dude hardly even smiles lol. And Will Smith is from Philly, same as Meek, so this is just bad all around.

Those Meek memes are kinda funny though....

Watch the video of the three dying laughing below:

Drake's pulling the big guns out for this one. Meek, hello are there?....

Drake 3 Meek 0.

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