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UPDATE! CHEATING PROOF? Ben Affleck Gets Cozy w/ Kid's Nanny After Divorce

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UPDATE 8/6/15:

The talk around town is that Ben is now keeping his nanny up in a hotel, all expenses paid by him of course. Ben's ex, Jen, allegedly kicked the nanny to the curb last month so why would Ben be paying her expenses?

A friend of Christine’s told In Touch magazine that it’s not just the hotel tab that Affleck is paying for.
“Aside from taking care of her every need at the hotel, Ben has given her enough money to cover all her bills and expenses, plus spending money, for at least the next three months.
“Christine has been calling and texting Ben nonstop.”
Ben’s reps continue to deny any affair, saying the claims are “complete garbage."
The nanny is said to still be around some what, “She will facilitate him seeing the kids but other than that, she is finished,” 
an insider told the mag. 
‘What happened with Christine is the ultimate betrayal.”

Hmm... Ben Affleck looks to be having one heck of conversation with his children's nanny, the same woman he is rumored to be having an affair with.

The nanny's name is Christine — a 28-year-old California native who began caring for Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, Ben and Jennifer's three children. 

Ben and Jen announced their divorce just last month. Sources close to Ben have continued to deny a relationship between him and the nanny, saying that he is 

"friendly, but it's not always meant to be flirty," 
"This was a very close relationship with someone who was taking care of the most important people in his life."
That could all be true, but where are the kids in this photo?

If THIS is true... ladies watch who you bring around your man! 

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