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Love and Hip-Hop's Joseline Caught Sleeping w/ Her Husband Stevie J's SON??! Look What Happened Next...

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Word on the streets is that Joseline may have slept with, her husband, Stevie J's son!

Just when you think it couldn't get crazier, Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta just got some more drama added to the mix. Allegedly Love and Hip-Hop stars Stevie J and Joseline broke up because he is accusing her of sleeping with his own son! 

Talk about a real life soap opera. 

Now, rumors say Joseline has moved on and sleeping with Stevie's friend and top record executive named Attitude... and sources say Stevie isn't feeling it. The streets say that Stevie called up Attitude and threatened him with gunplay but Attitude isn't scared of Stevie because he has a lot of friends in the streets.

Oh, and of course the Love and Hip-Hop camera were rolling! So we should be seeing this craziness really soon on our TV's.

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