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WTF Look.... Type Racist Word Into Google Maps And It Brings You To The WHITE HOUSE???

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UPDATE: 5/22

Google is basically blaming us, the people, for their defaulty system. 
Their logic? That there are a ton of web users calling President Obama's residence the "n***a house." Meaning that when people put those words in the White House will pop up automatically. 
Google says they are working on the failure in their system but it will take a while...


President Barack Obama is no stranger to Internet racism, but this is just ridiculous: typing “nigga house” into Google Maps can land you at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue... the WHITE HOUSE!

How in the world this happened we don't know right now but Google apologizes and says their on it. 

But are they really working to fix this? Reports of this occuring started to surface at least 2 days ago and as of right now if you type it in, it still brings you to White House.

Smh we got to do better...

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