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(UPDATED) DRAMA! Wife of Murdered Rapper Chinx, Lashes Out At Girlfriend Malika Haqq!

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As previously reported, rapper and member of French Montana's crew "Coke Boys", Chinx Drugs has been murdered. Now drama has erupted between his long time wife and "girlfriend" Malika from "Keepin up with the Kardashians."

Khloe Kardashian dated fellow rapper French Montana and they often went on, what appeared to be, double dates with Malika and Chinx. 

Malika causes an internet stir when she took to instagram to write a goodbye message to Chinx...

There may be more beautiful times but this was ours. Forever a light in my heart. Milk loves you 💔

Some media outlets started to cover the story that Chinx's "girlfriend" Malika is grieving, failing to mention that he has a wife and child who are in deep grievance at home. 

Even Love and Hip-Hop star, Erica Mena, called out Malika on Instagram,

"It's ALL about his wife and kids that's where the respect should go!... PERIOD!"

Now Chinx's wife, Janelli Caceres, is lashing out on Facebook and has put together a petition on to remove an article that she says is lying..

“He wasn’t no fckn Malik’s boyfriend he was my husband of 13yrs!!!,” 

the mother of three wrote on 

“They need to take this s**t down.”
“I held on to this man for so many years thru so much bs cuz I couldn’t imagine life without him and a coward took him from me...All he wanted to do was make a way and win so we as a family can be great.”.. 

She said it’s been hard shielding the kids from pain, especially the two girls aged 11 and 14. 

 "His daughters obviously know. There's no hiding it from them. They are old enough to go on social media. His son also knows, but he doesn't understand what it means. He just wants his father home. He's asking for his father."

Speaking further on the youngest son she has with Chinx, Caceres says, 
“What do I say to him!! To see this sadness in him is killin…These Devils ruined my family they took a father away from his kids from his son that he loved to death…why??!”
"We spent 13 years together. Now he's gone." 

Updates: Oh there's more! Chinx's wife let out more steam in a recent instagram post.... And this time she didn't hold back...

I’m gonna address this one time and one time only cause I’m soooo tired of the comments and the post and the bs!!! I DO NOT CARE ABOUT MALIKA, ERICA MENA OR ANYYY OTHER CHICK THAT HAD ANY INVOLVEMENT WITH MY HUSBAND!!!!! What’s known n understood does not need to be explained!!!!! I am mourning the lost of my husband, trying to find his killer, preparing my kids for the worst and planning a fckn funeral I’m not worried bout the stupid shit!! At the end of the day all those woman will move on n forget him by next week me n my children will b affected by this for the rest of our lives!! As a mother I’m focusing on raising 3 kids alone that’s all!!! These woman didn’t have no relevance before and they won’t have it now! I did everything for that man I handled everything in his life we weren’t separated we went thru shit like every other couple who cares!!! You wanna make yourself relevant than play detective and help me catch the loser that did this.. anything else is a joke to me! I have the power… he was the entertainer n he had groupies ok so what??!! But I was someone who will never be replaced he couldn’t live without me n now I can’t live without him!! So plz for anyone who thinks they got it figured out make yourself useful for once n send ya respects not shade, help us find his killer or donate to his kids future since yah care so much. For those who have stood up for me thank you! Nobody is in pain the way I am!!!

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