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UPDATE On Suspects for Murder of French Montana Crew Member, Chinx Drugs. Girlfriend/ Wife DRAMA Erupts!

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UPDATES 5/19/15: 

 The killer/s remain at large.

 Even though reports circulated that 3 suspects were taken into custody, no arrests have been made.

 According to the New York Post, police have confirmed Chinx was shot 15 times during the drive-by shooting. The member of French Montana’s Coke Boys crew was traveling with two other men in his car right before the incident. Chinx dropped off one of the men at the Braidwood subway station, and then a car headed in the opposite direction pulled up next to the driver side window of Chinx’s vehicle and shot off.


A rapper and member of French Montana's Cock Boy crew, Chinx Drugs, was murdered in broad daylight over the weekend and it has everyone talking! Why did this happen?

Sources say a couple of men attempted to rob Chinx & a friend, and when they refused to give up the car the suspects shot at them over 17 times.

Chinx hit in the torso area, and his friend shot in the back. The friend is still fighting for his life.  

Members of the New York elite swat team entered a house on 2436 Beach Channel Drive on Sunday afternoon, taking three men into custody reportedly in connection with the murder. 

According to the autopsy  report, Chinx was shot three times in the right hip, Once in left hip, Twice in waist, Once in right-side abdomen, Once in the mid-abdomen, Once in mid-back, Three times in left side back, Once in left shoulder blade, Once in right thigh and Once in right buttock.

Malika from "Keeping up with the Kardashians", best friend of Khloe Kardashian (who used to date French Montana), was the alleged girlfriend to Chinx. But when she said her goodbye message on Instagram, she was blasted by fellow Reality TV star, Erica Mena. 

Causing up a stir, Erica says Chinx is MARRIED and his wife should be shown respect by the media NOT Malika..

Now fans are lashing out...

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