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WHAT A MESS: Girls Switched At Birth Win BIG Lawsuit!

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OMG, imagine you were switched at birth or better yet -- your child! 

You give birth to your child then someone else takes them home? 

Yes, it happened to these two families. They went home with the wrong babies and now they are going home with 2 million dollars!

Find out what the Town is Talking about below...

PARIS --  
A French maternity clinic was ordered to pay 1.8 million euros ($2 million) to the families of two women who were switched at birth some 20 years ago. 
The clinic involved in the switch was ordered to pay the families, including the women, their parents and siblings. The court award was six-times less than the 12 million euro ($13.6 million) demand, but still an usually high amount for French courts.
The story unfolded in 1994 when the two mothers gave birth to daughters and the girls were placed in the same incubator for jaundice. Neither girl was wearing an identification bracelet. When the babies were returned, they were switched
Although both mothers raised concerns about the babies, because of different hair color and skin tone, they went home. Some 10 years later, after years of doubt and wonder, Sophie Serrano, one of the mothers, and her husband underwent DNA testing. 
Even though both families were in contact after an investigation into the matter, the relationship dwindled. 
"It was too difficult, so we each went our separate ways as it's so distressing," Serrano said.
Is 2 million enough to keep you happy that your child was given to someone else by mistake for 20 years?

Would you want your 20 year old back in your arms? What about the child YOU raised for 20 years that was not yours?


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