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Bobbi Kristina To Die Same Day As Whitney. Was She Murdered? Details On What Really Happened INSIDE...

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The Bobbi Kristina story is getting more and more suspicious as the 21 year old is running on her last minutes of life support. 

Reports now say that her family is ready to pull the plug, but they will wait until the exact day that her mom, Whitney Houston, died just 3 years before. 

Find out what the Town is Talking about...

MSN --  
The tragic Bobbi Kristina situation will end Wednesday when her family takes her off life support on the same day her mother Whitney Houston died three years ago, according to reports. 
The 21-year-old daughter of the pop music star was found unconscious and face down in her bathtub on January 31st. She was rushed to an Atlanta-area hospital, where she's been in a medically induced coma since.

Doctors told the family there was little they can do to save Bobbi Kristina days after her admission. She suffered a series of seizures before being admitted to a different hospital. 
A public prayer vigil was held Monday night to the backdrop of Whitney Houston songs. Riverdale Mayor Dr. Evelyn Wynn-Dixon noted what's important about the tragic situation: 
"Forget that he [Bobby Brown] is a renowned artist. That her mama, the late Whitney, was a renowned artist. These [are] still people. They bleed and hurt like us," Wynn-Dixon said.

Tomorrow, February 11th 2015, is the day Bobbi Kristina's family is allegedly set to stop her life support. 

Bobbi died in the same way her mom did, in a bathtub. The difference in both deaths, besides the fact that Whitney was 48 and Bobbi is only 21, is that mom died face up and her daughter, face down in the water. 

From reports, it seemed as if Bobbi was like a protector to her mom Whitney. In a sick twist --  we hear at the same hotel, a day before Whitney's death in 2012, Bobbi Kristina fell asleep in her hotel room's bath tub. Friends and hotel security had to come into the room to get help her get out. 

Fast forward to to January 31st, 2015... Bobbi was found yet again submerged in a tub, this time it was too late.

What really happened to Bobbi Kristina on January 31st 2015?
According to a friend of the couple, Max Lomas, Bobbi's boyfriend, Nick Gordon, may have had something to do with her laying lifeless in their bathtub! 

Here is the run down on what Max says happened...
TMZ -- 
We're told Max Lomas -- the friend who discovered Bobbi Kristina in the tub -- arrived at around 9 AM last Saturday. He says he hung out with Nick but did not see Bobbi Kristina. He was told she was in the bedroom. Nick wandered away and Max says he didn't pay attention to his whereabouts. 
The cable guy showed sometime after 10 AM and Max says he let him in -- Nick was nowhere to be seen. The cable guy said he needed access to the bedroom so Max let him in and discovered Bobbi Kristina in the tub. He screamed for Nick, who ran in and administered CPR. 
We're told Max claims Nick allegedly cleaned up the home and removed blood stains. 
Cops interviewed both Max and Nick and they want to debrief Max again, but our law enforcement sources say Max's lawyer insisted on immunity before he spoke again. We're told as of Friday morning Max hadn't gotten immunity or talked to cops. 
Our sources say Nick Gordon has also lawyered up. We could not reach Nick for comment.

Bobbi's boyfriend, Nick Gordon, is now being investigated for his role in her death... 

TMZ - 
Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon's violent relationship was well known among their friends ... and sources tell us it was fueled by jealousy -- but not the kind you'd expect. 
Sources close to the couple tell us ... their spats, which sometimes resulted in domestic violence, were almost always triggered by Nick's jealousy over Bobbi Kristina's fame. He felt he was also Whitney Houston's child since he grew up with her and could not understand why people focused on Bobbi. 
One recent example ... they were trying to get their own TV show but when Nick wasn't offered the same deal as Bobbi Kristina they turned it down. 
Sources close to the couple tell us Bobbi Kristina's injuries, which triggered an ongoing criminal investigation with Gordon as the target, don't surprise their friends because they've known the relationship sometimes got violent.

Bobbi Kristina was set to turn 22 on March 4th, 2015.



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