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Jay-Z Brags About Controlling Beyonce?

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Lots of rumors have been flying around about Jay-Z and Beyonce's relationship.

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Jay-Z and Beyonce’s relationship wasn't subjected to widespread speculation until Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles' elevator attack on brother-in-law Jay-Z in May. Since then, it has given the impression as if the couple were growing apart. But they tried to put up a "united front" on their respective social media accounts.

Recently, they put up pictures of a family trip to Europe where they also celebrated Jay-Z's birthday and enjoyed some time outdoors.

However, it might just be a 'happy family' at a superficial level.

A report indicates that all this could be because of Jay-Z's controlling nature. A source said that allegedly the 'Drunk in Love' singer has stopped asking her husband any question or do anything that might displease him, ever since he convinced her not to divorce him. "It's very sad, she's acting like a Stepford Wife now and Jay's taking full advantage by stamping his authority on the relationship. He figures that if she hasn't left him now she never will," the source told Ok magazine.

That is not all! Rumors are saying that Jay-Z went on to brag about his accomplishment to his friends saying that he has complete control over his marriage. Without realizing how it portrays his relationship with Beyonce, the 45-year-old rapper is allegedly "calling all the shots and basically bragging to friends that she'll never leave the marriage and he's the boss," the source added.

The report was in response to queries by Beyonce's fans who questioned as to why she has been acting differently of late. The singer had been over-active on social media and sharing pictures with Jay-Z more frequently than she used to before, according to her fans. Some also stated that Beyonce looked dazed at a Brooklyn nets basketball game last month, Inquisitr reports.

Rumor has it, Beyonce's family is also worried about her. "So many of Bey's friends and family can't stand the guy, but he has so much power that everyone's scared of him," the source further said.

So true or so false?

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