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Celebrity FIGHTS: Funkmaster Flex GOES OFF on Jay-Z... HOV Responds!! LISTEN HERE...

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According to the track record, anyone who disses Jay-Z practically disappears from the public eye... Will this happen to Dj Funkmaster Flex too? Because he has been GOING OFF on Jigga Man!
Find out what the town is talking about below...
DJ Funkmaster Flex already called Jay Z’s Life + Times website trash,
 “I don’t care about your website, your website’s trash. You can’t move with me in this digital space,” Flex said yesterday on-air. “Maybe if y’all copied everything I was doing with the app, that app would’ve did better, it would’ve crashed the day your album dropped.”
“I let you live in this town, don’t think I can’t ruin you. Because that’s a nice feather in my cap if I ruin you. Today we’re bumping heads; your site’s trash,” he growled.
According to Flex, he began to feel slighted after an interview with Jigga’s Life + Times a few years ago. During the interview, the site asked him about his digital endeavors, particularly his In Flex We Trust website and his Funkmaster Flex phone app. Funk believes that Hov, through an L+T reporter, swiped the idea for Flex’s phone app and used it to launch Jay-Z’s 2013 album Magna Carta… Holy Grail through Hov’s own his Samsung phone app.
“They do this interview after I drop my app. Asking me a lot of key questions about apps. Building apps; how, why, how’d you launch it? But all of that didn’t get put in the story, though. But a lot of that information got put into that new Jay Z app,” he accused.
After his rant, Jay-Z allegedly contacted Flex via text… and that launched a whole new rant from Flex this time aiming his shots directly at “HOV” for the way his text message came across.

 “In 2015, you are a commercial, corporate rapper that drops a little catchphrase every three months,” Flex said. “There’s nothing wrong with that. I think that’s super dope. Don’t talk to me funny in the text, bruh. I don’t work for you.
 “Don’t you ever capitalize your name in my phone no more, bro,” he added.
Flex went on to say that Jay no longer gets the crown in New York. Instead, Flex said he wears the crown in the city because he’s on the radio every day. Flex also added that the station he works for, Hot 97, also doesn’t care or need Jay Z to succeed. “We are not scared of you,” he added.
Beyond all of this, Flex also sent a warning about any potential disses from Jay Z.
“If you ever plan on taking a shot like that at me or any sublim[inal diss], I will be on this radio every day going at you,” he said.
Flex doesn’t stop there. He goes on to ask Jay why he hasn’t publicly congratulated J. Cole for2014 Forest Hills Drive’s sales (Maybe because he’s been busy on vacation with his fam?) and it gets even deeper than that.
To hear more of Flex’s rants, in which he covers everything from telling Jay Z that he isn’t a boss or a don all the way down to a petty comment about Jay’s “dumb laugh,” listen to the clips below.

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