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JR Writer Disses Dipset & More In Jail Freestyle!! + Our Exclusive Interview!

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The well-known rap group Dipset has been resurrecting lately --- with Cam'ron working on a new web music series --- and seems that group member JR Writer, who is currently incarcerated, is feeling a certain type of way about it!

JR has been working hard on HIS new mixtape, "I'm Done Talking,".... but JR's mixtape is from his jail cell.... and it appears that he is FAR from done talking. A phone recorded freestyle leaked this week of JR going off on his former Dipset camp, including Cam'ron and Dame Dash.

A few years back we spoke with JR about his affiliations with Dipset, being that they have not recorded as a group in a long time, and JR made it CLEAR as day.... he will forever be Dipset!

There was also rumors that JR was writing a lot of Dipset's stuff back in the day, hence the name "Writer."

Our girl, Dj Lady T went in for the kill....  was he  Dipset's Ghost Writer???? JR answers that himself!

Listen to the freestyle and watch our exclusive interviews below: 

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