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USB Drive For Your Phone!! (Video Demonstration Included!)

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How cool would it be to just pop that USB drive right into your phone? It is now POSSIBLE with the Leef Bridge 3.0!
They have been working on this and showing us sneaks for a while now... and it is finally here! Well, sort of.

Leef's Bridge 3.0 flash drive is still in a somewhat BETA form, only compatable with "most" Androids.

But people using Android devices know it's not easy to move files from their phone or tablet to a PC. Now, this special USB drive will make the task simpler. Plug it in and you can stream or copy content to and from your Android phone, tablet, PC, or Mac. It's easy.
The drive itself is designed for Android devices with Jelly Bean 4.1 or higher, Mac OS X or later, Windows XP (SP3) and later, as well as Linux Kernal 2.6 or later computers.
But it does have its own set of problems.
The Leef Bridge is supposedly compatible with some 40 Android phones and 16 tablets. Some of these devices can read and write data from Leef drives with their Android operating system, but most require the assistance of third party file management apps available in the Google Play store.
Since there is no intuitive design, it may take you some effort to figure out how to find the files you want to transfer, and once found, how to actually move them from one device to the other.
So while the Leef Bridge 3.0 itself works well, users still need to overcome the clumsiness of the file manager apps the drive typically needs to operate.
Hopefully other phone will be added as well!

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