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Drake Gives Rihanna Ultimatum, Kicks Her Off Tour For New GF?? Get The 411!!

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So we have been seeing a lot of these two AGAIN lately... but it looks like Drake and Rihanna may be done for good this time.

You probably have seen around that Rihanna and Drake have been getting close again. She has been there beside him on his European tour.... until now.

We hear is that Drake allegedly gave RiRi an ultimatum on that tour... NO SPEAKING WITH CHRIS BROWN! And it looks like RiRi may have tried to contact her ex, Breezy, because word is Rihanna has now been KICKED OFF OF DRAKE'S TOUR!

RiRi's people say this is NOT the case and that the couple is 

 just having fun at the moment. Neither of them are relationship people really. 

Sources are saying he told her to leave because she was "acting up" and according to the un-known source,

She was TOO BOSSY AND CONDESCENDING ESPECIALLY TOWARDS DRAKE'S CREW. So they kept pressuring [Drake] to let her loose.

So what did Drake do, allegedly? Get himself another chic to ride along!

After kicking Rihanna off tour, rumors are now flying around that Drake called one of his long time boo's... a young British Ethiopian girl named WINTA'NNA also known as Roza Dash to come along for the ride.

Check her out below:

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