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Justin Bieber: Media Target or Drug Meltdown?!

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What's up with the Biebs lately??

At just 19 years old, Justin Bieber has already won seven American Music Awards, six Billboard Music Awards, 10 MTV Awards, has been nominated for two Grammys, anwas awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal by the Prime Minister of Canada.
But with great success at such a young age, can also come trouble.

Biebs has been all of the news in negative lights... from his break-up with Selena Gomez to his new controversial friendship with Lil Twist.. to photos of Bieber allegedly smoking weed hitting the internet ... lashing out at paparazzi... and now canceling concerts due to health scares.... what IS wrong with Justin Bieber?

This week alone he was late for his own concert and passed out on stage...

You can watch the disturbing video of him just drifting off on stage below: Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, got on stage to explain to the crowd what was going on,

"Justin got very light of breath. The whole show he's been complaining, and he's backstage with the EMTs and the doctor," 

Braun announced.

"They're telling him that they want him to go see somebody and see what's going on with his lungs." 

Is it the pressure of being a celebrity? drugs? or is Justin just a target of the media at the moment?

"There's nothing wrong with him," 

His manager Scooter Braun told E! News.

"He's in a great place."

TMZ reported that the show was cancelled due to poor ticket sales; however, Braun claims that the cancellation actually happened a while ago due to technical issues.

"It has nothing to do with anything other than that," 
Braun told E! News. 
"Tell everyone Justin is good, really good."

Justin posted up this hospital photo on Twittering saying he's

"getting better. thanks for everyone pulling me thru tonight. best fans in the world. figuring out what happened. thanks for the love"

So does the media have it out for Biebs or is he in a downward spiral??

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