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INTERVIEW: AP 9 Brings Out BIG EVIDENCE of Coco Cheating On Ice T With Him!

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The curse of couples on Reality shows strikes again!

Back in December the rumors surfaced, but now rapper AP 9 brings out the EVIDENCE! Did Coco really cheat on ICE T???

Questionable pictures popped up of Ice T's wife, Coco posing “suggestively” with a self-proclaimed rapper from Oakland, California, AP.9 with quit a few different outfits suggesting that they had a few encounters with each other.

In a Twitter rant, Ice expressed his outrage over the “bad taste” of the photos and said that he felt “disrespected” by his wife, who apologized and insisted that it wasn’t what it looked like, and the pictures, though in poor taste, were sincerely innocent.

Is it possible that Ice T and Coco have an open relationship and pictures getting leaked is not apart of the deal... or is Ice T just getting punked out?

AP.9 told his side of the story, which according to him, he passed a lie detector and received $500,000 from STAR magazine for.... He claims him and Coco had a prolonged sexual affair in Las Vegas, where Coco was starring in a burlesque show.

And he's bringing out the EVIDENCE...

To further bolster his claims, AP.9 has released text messages and new  pictures from his phone of Coco half naked in his bedroom... even claiming that she bribed him with expensive gifts.

AP also gave the station access to a number of never-before-seen cell phone images of him and Coco, as well as a screenshot of a screenshot of a supposed conversation AP.9 had with Ice T about the matter.

Asked why he’s putting his affair with Coco on blast like that, AP said because Coco tried to humiliate him by trying to make it seem like he was a fan or “groupie” that followed her around Vegas, where she was performing burlesque shows.
Do you think AP9 has taken it too far by exposing Coco or is this well deserved?? Listen to AP 9's side below:

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